2013 NYWC Highlights

What People Are Saying

“The win is being able to spend time with my team of leaders.”
Mookie Cunningham, San Diego CA
“I enjoyed each Seminar & each big room session, but most of all, I love being able to come each year, meet up with friends, old & new, from vastly different denominations and backgrounds but common in our love for Jesus.”
Christina Klas, Seattle WA
“It was a great experience: beneficial for my soul, mind and spirit! Thank you for putting it together to cater to such a diverse audience of youth workers.”
Irina Minzer, Sacramento CA
“Best youth ministry training in the nation.”
Jeff Sould, Galloway, NJ
“I came here alone but never felt more a part of the body of Christ. Every time I left a room I felt transformed with a new security in Christ and a stronger desire to serve him.”
Jenny Bussee, Apple Valley, CA
“NYWC inspires you to be the leader that God called you to be. If you’re in ministry and tired, come get revived! Everything was incredible!”
Rebekah Witney, Henderson, NV
“What a great and encouraging and inspiring conference! It was exactly what I need at this time in my ministry!”
Vanessa Oviede, Fresno, CA
“NYWC feeds into the soul of the youthworker so that they then will feed into the soul of their youth.”

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